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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chris_08, May 24, 2010.

  1. I've been germinating about 5 seeds in a cup of water for the past, probably, 2-3 days and all now have a tap root sticking out. Just to be sure, since this is my first, the seeds will be taken out of the water and the tap root will be put into the soil facing DOWN..correct? I'm going to plant my seedlings into solo cups filled with about 25% perlite (its miracle grow "enriched plant food" perlite, think it'll cause problems down the road?) and the soil i have is just basic, cheap walmart soil with no ferts or anything. Thanks for the help.
  2. ive personally never germinated seeds in water, i didnt even know you could do that lol.

    anyhow, yeah the root faces down and the seed faces up.

    as far as the miracle grow i would look into it more, i hear people constantly saying to never use any miracle grow products.
  3. Oy, don't use Miracle Grow. Um, like ever. It's crappy for growing MJ. It's meant for plants that you're just supposed to look pretty and grow well, but they're not going to be smoked. You don't want to inhale the chemicals in Miracle Grow. At all.

    I mean, that's just gross, don't you think?

    Not that I'm saying you need to go all organic either. Well, if you're growing for medicinal purposes, you should be. You just need to make sure that you're using better quality nutrients than something you can find at Walmart.

    And, yeah, the roots go down when you're planting a plant. Have you EVER seen a plant with the roots above the soil or growing material? That's just common sense.

    Planting the roots allows them to directly access the nutrients in the soil and it allows them to be sheltered from too much light, heat, and dampness. Those roots are the reason why plants grow in the first place. And if you're not protecting them, then your plant is going to suffer.

    So, yeah, look around the boards to find a nutrient that's actually made for MJ growing. I like Advanced Nutrients, but others seem to work well for other kinds of growers. Toss that nasty stuff, k?


  4. I am growing in MG, i have friends who grow in MG, i have alot of friends that grow for the clinics here in santa barabra (pretty much the weed capital of soCAL) and all our buds and plants turn out great.

    Just dont add nutes, and dont get time release soil.

    Some guys on here have grown monsters with MG.
  5. Thanks, i'll probably still keep the MG though based on what the guy above me said. Its not MG soil, its MG perlite. It seems like one would prefer a non-MG perlite, but I think that my plant will live through it. And whats the difference between smoking the nutes in MG and smoking the nutes in Advanced Nutrients? You're still smoking phosphorous/potassium regardless of whether it comes from MG or Advanced Nutrients or Fox Farms
  6. Smoking nutrients isn't the issue, the problem is smoking what the chemicals that bind slow release nutrients used in MG and many hydro products do to the grow medium. The plant is provided what it needs by the grow medium structure. What you put in that is what you're going to smoke, and I'm not referring to nutrients. The grow medium microbial process can't break down chemicals.

    Do what you can as a start and keep researching what you're doing. Your yields will increase at your desired rate of increased knowledge.

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