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Quick Question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheProfessor, May 18, 2010.

  1. When storing an Oz; would it be better to keep it in a Ziplock bag with all of the air pushed out, or in an Airtight jar that is only filled half way?
  2. Airtight jar.
  3. It seems to me that mason jars are the most efficient in terms of both price and quality.

    But fancy nug jars are oh so much cooler :p
  4. Definitely the mason jar. Even the double seal ziploc bags are still plastic bags. Smells, such as the distinctive one from marijuana, are "plastic soluble." What I mean is that smells will eventually seep through a plastic container (even sealed modern tupperware, I know). They will not do this in a sealed glass jar.
  5. neither I would sell it as fast as i can. and smoke the rest.

    as long as you don't break the jar your fine.. anything can be used that is air tight but don't recommend plastic bags cause of smell.
  6. Go with the jar. Mason jars still do let the smell through, but it's about 1000x better than a ziploc. (I think the smell comes through because the jars aren't sealed). Anyway the glass isn't going to contaminate the buds either. Who knows what is leaching into the buds from a plastic ziploc (BPA, DEHA, DEHP, Dioxin, etc...). Ziploc are supposed to be a pretty "safe" plastic and don't leach, but why risk it. I used to know people that would store their buds in 35mm file canisters (talk about nasty)! Sorry to rant, but go with the glass...
  7. I want some doublemint gum

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