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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rohawkj, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. ive looked and looked before posting, but cant seem to find the answer im looking for. so i turn to you, the GC community for help! :D if you have a plant flowering, will giving it a longer dark period make it finish faster? like say, cutting down from 12 to 8 or 9 hours of light?
  2. If you lowered the daily hours of light, i'd say it will effect your yield (not in a good way).
    And if you reduce the daylight hours, i think it will take just as long until harvest.
  3. im not worried at reducing my yield. check out my sig. what i have is about a 6'' tall plant that was originally from a 4ft plant. storm killed her and i managed to salvage only one tip from her. anywho, im lookin at only getting a couple grams anyway. seems like im close to finishing, just wondering if more darkness would bring it along a little faster. just curious. im on 12/12 at the moment, just moved inside from outside due to white flies.
  4. Your link is to an invalid thread.

  5. let me see if i can recopy the link back then sorry john!
  6. It's ok, i got it thru your more post link.

    LOL, i see now what you mean by a couple of grams.

    By just looking at her, she only looks half way thru the flowering period, but it's hard to say since she gone thru alot, having to also grow roots during the flowering period.
    So to answer you question about the light cycle, you need someone who has actually experimented with light cycles to answer this type of question, as i'd be only guessing, and that doesnt help matters.
    Sorry buddy
  7. thanks for the input John. ive had a hard time here with my first grow but at least i still stand to get a nug or two lol. im gonna stick with this 10/14 lights and let her ride it out. cant wait for march to come back around!

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