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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BiG_John, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. So.. yesterday i sat down at the table in my backyard lit up a blunt and i look down in the grass and WHOA a marijuana plant has started to grow from a seed i carelessly threw into the yard. It looks healthy as hell too. But the question is do yall think it would be ok to dig it up and put into a pot and move indoors ... or should i just move it somewhere else outside?... i dnt wana make it shock and die.. but if i want to grow it i HAVE to move it lol its in the middle of my backyard and thats not very stealthy at all. lol
  2. haha let it grow and claim ignorance.

    "Sir you have a marijuana plant the size of a tree in the backyard there"
    "Oh is that what that is? I was expecting apples any day now!"

    I think seriously though its possible to move it inside and have it be okay. Just make sure you do everything properly.
  3. Hey you got a volunteer! I have grown about a dozen plants that way over the years. For some reason they tend to pop up in front of my porch, go figure? Lol Just dig it up taking care to not damage the roots too badly and put it in a container or in the ground in a more stealthy location. I would advise the container over a hole in this instance. The reason I say this is, you probably have little knowledge of the genetics and that strain's growth patterns. If it is a tropical variety, then you may have to be moving it around to wait for it to completely ripen. I had one like that last year that I had to end up putting under a cedar next to a pond to keep it alive as the weather got cool and wet. Hope this hleps.

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