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  1. Ever since I got my 'coffeeshop' open, I've been able to enjoy my bong again. i only used it a couple of times cause its a pain in the ass to fool with.


    Well I got it and been using it now for a couple of weeks and its starting to get funky now. Are you supoosed to pour out the water now and then and get new water in it OR are you supposed to let the water build up like resin on a good ole glass pipe.

    Mucvh adviced would be appreciated?

    Peace out The Poppa going to bed .
  2. clean that bad boy out. unlike a pipe the ressin will rot. I have found mold in my bong more than once. I fill it with vodka when it is time to clean it let it sit over night. then rince with the hottest water you can stand.
  3. I agree definitely clean it out!
    They get pretty gross smelling, and yes, they can even grow mold...

    We use up to 99% rubbing alcohol mixed with a little bit of water (or just 75% rubbing alcohol) and either salt or rice, shake it up, the rice/salt acts as an abrasive on the gross resin, and clean and rinse with super hot water. It works everytime!!

    I would love to see pictures of your "coffeeshop" BPP! Phishhead dreams of turning our extra room into a growroom/clubhouse type of thing, I say OK when! :)

  4. Thanks for the info, but I was trying to be funny (while stoned about cleaning the bong) Everytime I take a hit off it, I get a whiff of foul smell and say to myself that I'm going to clean it out. But I never do. I jst keep adding ice to it and pour a little out when it gets too high. I'm going to clean it out I swear, but with my work and family and house I don't have the time it seems. I need to make a choice for tonight: either clean the bong or smoke out of it again. I'll probably put off the cleaning one more time and smoke up.

    I would love to show you a picture of my "coffeeshop" when I get a digital camera. Its 8' x 8' with a ten foot ceiling. I put and old couch in it that takes up half the floor space and put down and old oriental rug on the floor. I bought and old stand-up ashtray at the antique store and keep it full of roaches and lighters. i'm looking for an old humidor and pipe rack like my grandad used to keep his pipes in to hold my ever growing collection of glass pieces. I've got old fluoro gro lights on the wall for lights and the light from my HPS adds a warm glow like a fireplace. I hung an old oil painting that was in my in-laws living room for thirty years behind the couch to add a homey atmosphere. I've hung all my fishing gear, rods, lures, tackle, on the wall for easy access for fishing and I hung my 'old' 12 lb mounted largemouth bass on the wall as well. I've got a phone in there as well as shelves that go around the whole place to hold all the gro supplies and rolling kits/bong/pipes. My big problem with the room is in the radio. I've got the old CD boombox up on the shelf and its a pain in the ass to fool with. I want to mount my 1988 stereo system in there but wife is afraid that the four foot tall speakers would blow your ears out in the confined space.

    i love my little reading room, but my wife feels it gets too smoky in there. I am framing up old pictures of my wife to hang in there but she won't let me have the naked shots yet. I enjoy being hotboxed but she gets all coughing and sneezing after too long. I got visene stashed away for the red eyes and some 'personal lubricant' for those intimate moments with the Mrs. let phishhead have his room and he will be happy as a clam.
  5. You get it cleaned yet?
  6. Omg this thread is 11 years old for god's sake change that bong water already!!! Did it evaporate yet?
  7. Wow awesome bump
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