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Quick question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sShaDE, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I used to smoke allot when I was in High school and I stopped for about 3 years or so. I recently started up again but it's not the same. I used to always get nice and chill and just like to listen to music or watch some movies. Now every time I smoke I just feel really congested. I get a headache and everything I eat leaves a really strong after taste.

    I guess I'm just hoping someone can tell me why this is. I really miss smoking and the way it made me feel, but now it just seems like a hassle. Can anyone help me out.

    sShaDE :confused:
  2. Try some better weed or maybe smoke less since your tolerance should be really low
  3. If you don´t enjoy it, don´t do it.
  4. See I used to enjoy it allot. But, now for no apparent reason it is making me feel like I have a head cold.
  5. Smoke some outdoor kush , turn the lights down, snag a drink with some medium sugar content in it, put on some low tunes, and don't go dragon on it .. sounds like you are taking it hard thinking you are still savvy with tokin, but even the most seasoned vet will need to re-train himself :smoking: no harshness assumed here, please - because I know exactly what you are going through, as that was me earlier this year. Hope this helps
  6. I've only just gotten serious about smoking but when i first started only flavors, feeling (touch), and memory were affected. I wasn't really chill or enjoying it but food was awesome and feely things felt really feely (if you know what i mean). Now weed affects me like it should, so it could just be a product of low tolerance or not being used to being high

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