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  1. Does anyone have any idea if its safe to order pipes from grasscity to places like idaho??? has anyone done it before and had any problems with the police??? have searched the entire internet and cannot find any laws plz help
  2. I dont have an answer.. but maybe a start would be searching for "operation pipe dreams"

    I believe I remember reading something about how tabacco pipes can not be shipped across state lines.. I could be wrong though.
  3. I dont see why it would be illegal unless Idaho has some state laws that I dont know about.
  4. Apparently they started to crack down on it 4 years ago... Plenty of people have ordered pipes from GC though and received them just fine since then. I doubt there'd be any trouble.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to buy tobacco pipes online, but the DEA seems to consider everything from bible pages to apples drug paraphenalia, so I wouldn't try it. You can be sure they are reading this as we speak....
  6. Im pretty sure selling seed is illegal too. isnt that the reason overgrow got shut down?

    It seems like there are tons of businesses that get away with selling pipes online, but I had heard that they were cracking down.. Id say your best bet is a local headshop.
  7. Yeah in my opinion there aren't really any pipes/bongs online that you can't get at a good headshop or music festival. But if there aren't any good ones around you, ordering online is usually safe. It's not like you're ordering seeds or anything, it's just glass. The DEA has a lot more to worry about than some stoner ordering a bowl online.
  8. did you check out the links that I posted?

    while i agree its a very minimal risk.. and you probably wouldnt have a problem.. but I know some local guys who will no longer send across state lines for that very reason.
  9. Just recently bought a bubbler two weeks ago an I live in Boise. No problems.
  10. Acturally a little known fact is that GC is working for the goverment and they will take your life and your familyies life down if your order something

    Everything you know will crumble to bits and you wont even know why...

    Your mom will start to sell crack
    Your dad will begin to suck dick
    Your sister will work on the streets
    amd your brother will steal your shit until you have to kill him to stop what he is doing...

    So basically if you order from GC then you will be throwing your life away...

    *any actual shit that happens close to this i am not reosponsiable for dumb people responding to dumb shit* Merry Fuckin X-Mas

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