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  1. my plant is now about 5 weeks into flowering. i trimmed lower branches during veg a while ago but i was wondering if i would be able to trim the lowest two branches this late in flowering and not stress it enough to hermie. this is my first grow which is going extremely well and the bottom two branches are not getting enough light so i thought i might trim to force energy to the top

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    Trimming isnt a good idea unless u r doing some type of training for the plants, Its best to just leave her alone and let her do her thing,
    Because regardless if the bud area gets light , they will keep growing (just not as dense with direct light).
    But to answer ur question , its okay to cut a few leafs here and there as long as the plant is healthy and strong growing, and as u said it is so it will not cause any hermie , and even if u got a hermie , whats the big deal , ? A few free seeds r never a bad thing , its only bad when it switches to a full blown male during flowering . meaning ball sacks in the nodes and tons of seeds all over the bud sites, now thats when its considered bad. 
    Ive not bought seeds in years because I always get a few free seeds during each grow :D

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