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  1. Hello!

    I'm just recently going to try an indoor stealth pc grow.
    I know a lot about lighting already.. But i've never grown under lights.
    My budget is kinda tight right meow, (you should never spend so much money on women like I do, but sh*t happens). Anyways.
    I was just going to go for Auto-flower plants, and I guess I'll do a regular(fem) also from a seedbank(attitude ftw.).

    Energy Miser FE-IIIB-105W-65K - 105 Watt CFL Light Bulb -6500k
    105 Watt Compact Fluorescent CFL 2700K Warm White -2700k

    Are those alright? I know not the best. For some reason I don't fully believe more lights with less power is better. But these look like the bang for my buck.
    Would this let me yeild at LEAST an ounce. Lets say light hours? 20/4?
    Please any suggestions would be appreciated! :)
  2. yeah no probs. how big is your grow area?
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    set up a ScrOG system to maximize your light uptake. small grows like this require much fine tuning to get the most out of the light but an oz would be easily achieved

    this bad boi was grown under a single 125w CFL along with 5 more just like it. light isn't everything


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