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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by farside12, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. I should be getting my HPS tomorrow. My plants are about 10 inches and 8 inches respectively. I would like to flower them asap, but am wondering if I should put off flowering for a while and top them first...what do you suggest?

  2. I have read some do and some don't TOP.

    I'd also like to get some feedback on this and some whys...
    or pro/con
  3. Well farside...do not fear....Sid is here....sorry no-one has replied to you're questions before, however some people use the "show most recent threads" at the top of the opening page of grass city, which means that the more posts get made the further down you're query will go till it goes to page 2.....i check as often as i can and i just came across you're thread about needing help....so here goes....

    Topping is personal preference...a lot of people don't top for various reason

    1/ if topped too early it can be stressfull to the plant
    2/it takes a while for it to grow back again, however if done properly you will have more buds from the top(not neccesarilly more weight) some times a big cola is better...with the timescale a lot of people are growing for profit...hence time is of the essence
    3/ some people just don't see the benefit of it
    4/if done wrong you can lose out on buds...(i take it you'd be attempting the FIM teqnique?)...where you chop the top like a semi-circle to grow more from it approx 6

    if i were you i'd just go straight to flowering, topping is something that you'll just need to experiment...probably better with a couple of grows under you're belt and read up a lot about the process first....hope that helps....if you need more info pm me....Peace out....Sid

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