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  1. so my seeds are germinated, and I just planted them. Do I turn on the blue light now of wait until they sprout from the soil?

    Also, would it be OK if I did 15/9 because I'm not around all day to do 18/6

    I have 3 plants and I'm using one 120 volt (75 watt) blue light. I also have 2 red LED lights that are about the same size as the blue one. Should I use the red ones as well, or will the blue one be OK for now.
  2. also, I am assuming I'm going to have 2 females at the most. I don't think i will get lucky with all 3.
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    All males most likely. Because you are cant spend $10 bucks on a timer. or look at the germination stickies
  5. get a timer.

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