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  1. Lol ok so I've never had this happen before. My plant (seedling maybe a day or two old) just fell over. I look like it's dying but the cotyledon leaves are still green. Any advice??
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         It sounds like it got over-watered and stretched out. This can be caused by a few things: Low light, wet medium, lack of oscillating fan are the first that come to mind. All seedlings stretch a bit, just like almost all plants stretch in flower. When I germinate seeds in paper towels, I get a Solo cup of dirt (lots of holes in the bottom for drainage), poke a hole for the tap root, and set it so the top is just at the surface of the dirt. When I fill the cup, I leave about two inches or so from the top. When your seedling starts to stretch, you add more dirt. By the time you're about half an inch from the top, the seedling should have it's first set of pointed leaves, and be just above the surface of the dirt. A gentle, oscillating breeze will also stimulate the thickening of the stem.

         If the seeds aren't special, I'd say maybe start over? If they are, you could bury the stretch and hope the stem doesn't rot (which it might at this point).

    (Actually, I don't know if this is even what you were talking about? What specifically does your seedling look like?)

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