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  1. Hello all im new to the forum and am a bit confused. I am looking to grow scrog and came across some questions. Somewhere along my research I have encountered some info stating that if grown from seed, height is wasted when growing scrog. Also I would like to grow the plant from the soil medium, take clones and place them inside my scrog area to garuantee all females. One problem: I do not have multiple grow areas to keep the mother plant. Considering there is a height difference between the seed-grown plant and the clone, I cannot put the mother plant inside of my scrog area.

    Also, I have been told to take cuttings during veg. stages only. From what I know the sex of the plant may not be determined until flowering. This contradicts itself because I am only able to take cuttings from an undetermined gender.

    I know that scrog is very well possible and somewhere along the line, my facts have been twisted. Please clarify.


    *EDIT* Actually i found out that the plant will show its sex during the preflowering stage when lights are still 24/0. And to clarify, I was wondering if i could put the mother plant into the scrog area ALONG WiTH the clones. If i cant then i think my only resolution would be to trash the motehr plant and start the clones inside of the scrog immediately after rooting.
  2. you can sex them by forcing them to flower early then when they first show signs of sex you put them back on veg... therefore if they show a "cock and balls" then you would hack and throw away cuz they are a male...

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