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    okay so i know you can use, hexene and butane does anyone know if you can use
    heptane??? can anyone let me kno itd be like doin the butane run but spray into the bottle and let drain out the other side prob be a weaker push so take longeer/ absorbe more i need to kno if it is even safe to use on but i know it evaps or u can take out but how much?
    and this stuff is super flamable to, its like shoe water proofer stuff sticks to crap really well lol:devious:

    but this is all i have besides some shit wintergreen alchole i alrdy messsed up a batch i cant afford another should i just wait to get some butane/iso or what

    need imput plz. also the ingredient is called Heptane. a shoe cleaner thing
    i dont kno what it is but its highly flammable like the other vapors and its heavyer then the air
  2. Nah. I would not use heptane dont think i have ever heard of many people ever using that. Shoe cleaner doesnt seem safe to be putting into smokables.

    Just go to any store and pick up a 1 dollar bottle of isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Cheapest stuff you can get, and works just great, tried and true method. Look up the stickies here and make sure you let it dry very well.
  3. What's wrong with hexane, butane, isopropyl, or water?

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