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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ithinkiknow, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I was wondering about the light for my mom, i´ve heard that you should use cfl´s or MH (Metal Halide)..... but i already own a 400W HPS system.

    Should´t that give my mom a super boozt and produce much more clones??? -OR is that too much ?
  2. HPS is for flowering so no, mh or correct spec cfls should promote veg growth faster in equal wattages i think wait for a few more replies anyway.
  3. It all depends on how many clones you want... take me for example, I use cfl's on my mum's cause I only need 6-10 clones here and there for personal stash... now if you require many more clones than that, obviously increasing the light (be it MH or HPS) will increase the growth rate of the mum.

    Another option (to reduce overall electricity cost) is if you need more clones, still use CFL on your mom and just have more of them. I have 2 mums, all I need unless messing with a new strain. You may find ya need more/less, but lighting those with cfl's is WAY cheaper/easier than using MH/HPS
  4. Thx alot man,, yep i think the cheapest way is to use cfl´s, but is it possible to switch from cfl´s to hps, and back,, does that give me anything? or should i just stick to one light source?
  5. LoL!! They never adjust because there always in a state of "re-adjustment" !! Switching should be ok, just make sure your pushing enough watt/lumens with the cfl's per plant!!

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