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  1. I haven't been able to find an answer but if i start out plants in a red solo cup should i wait until after re-poting them before i add nutrients? BTW i'm using Botanicare nutrients(grow,bloom, liquid karma)
  2. I'm new too but I'm pretty sure it would depend on the soil if it has a lot of nutes to start with then you wouldn't want to add nutes for at least 2 weeks or longer some soil like fox farm ocean floor says 3 weeks so if it were me I would transplant asap and wait 2 weeks.but you can add things like voodoo juice and B52 or b1 earlier on after 3-4 NEW sets of leaves and you can use the B1 as a foliage spray as well hope this helps V
  3. thanks beZtoken..forgot to mention ill be useing Roots Organic formula 707 and ill be groing TGA Jillybean. have the seeds in my hand and this strain looks FUCKING AMAZING!!, from what i understand this soil doesn't have very much in it nutrient wise so i may need to feed it a bit when the babies are in the solo cups.
  4. Hi..

    Mrs. Boo takes care of the clones, which she starts in red cups and doesn't transplant until they have a good root system going. Usually 4 to 6 inches tall. She uses FF Ocean Forest soil and just uses water. From there I put them into the GH Waterfarms for veg and flowering which start in a very low nutrient solution...

    Good Luck!

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