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quick question for some vetaran tokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FinallyFamous, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. in bongs you put water right? okay. well does it smoke differentely if you put hot or cold water?
    also random but if you put soda would you be able to taste the soda you put in there?
  2. put in nearly boiling water = steamy hit, kinda like hotboxing a shower w/ hot water only

    cold just cools the smoke a lil better
  3. oh and yeah other liquidswork well too, just different...I filled up a bong w/ ice coffee and drank it. dont do that. Also no alcohol in the bong, thc is alcohol soluable...
  4. that's pretty kool i'm a try experimenting soon haha
  5. koo i don't drink anyways haha and i would never drink the bong water/ iced coffee whatever lol
  6. Careful with sugary stuff like soda ... if you decide to do this, make sure you rinse out the bong soon after you use it or it'll dry and get really nasty/sticky...

    Not sure how the acid in soda will affect the glass ...

    I've always just stuck to water ... weed tastes good by itself :smoke:
  7. Do NOT put soda in your bong.
    Water only!
  8. I just had a mental image of an introduction booklet for new stoners

    "17. Do NOT put soda in your bong. Water only!"
  9. Wrong forum man.

    But anyways, stick to some cold water. Good smooth hits.
  10. Ya just stick with water. Replace it often. Try putting like 3-5 halls in the bong water and let em dissolve and your hoot will taste great
  11. Also anything that is organic can cause mold in your bong!
  12. yes what the hell are they thinking? next we should put tea in our spliffs.

  13. ur avatar WINS
  14. Double perk? Hot and cold water. It's wild
  15. Do NOT use Listerine, that shit burned my throat, it had alcohol in it I suspect that and all the minty bullshit caused it. Definitely got high, but also boiled that bubbler 6 hours and a full isopropyl bath before it was good to use.

    THC won't dissolve much if any into alcohol if you use it as bong water by the way, not enough time or heat to cause it. It will suck though.

    Flavored water is good! I like Propel or Dasani.
  16. I "flavor" my water with unicorn semen-smoothest hits ever.
  17. Once when my buddies and I we're biking in the mountains, we had no water left so we used cherry coke, worked pretty well. The exhale tasted like cherries.

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