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Quick question: Bibler paper with ink, what are the effects?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Just something I decided I'd want to get to the bottom of, what exactly does the ink in bible paper/receipts for joints harm? Don't just say short and simple, it usually is not researched. Anybody?
  2. I don't think anything like this has ever been tested. Its probably not a big deal to smoke regular papers every now and then. I used to smoke them all the time, after awhile i started to get headaches. I had to smoke bible paper joints all winter last year, its just harsh and makes you feel sore in your throat sometimes.

    And its badass when you pull out a blunt that you rolled with page 666 from a bible. Some kids refuse to smoke it, so more for me ;)

    im high as balls, sorry if none of this made sense.
  3. As I'm Catholic, I would say fuck that.

    I'd rather not rot in hell for eternity.

  4. Do you really think God would get mad just for using his book to roll our joints. It doesn't have to be a bad thing...
  5. Even if you aren't religious or anything, i think its kinda fucked up to disrespect like that
  6. I dunno man, good question. Id just use the extra 2 or 3 pages in the back with nothing on em to roll with :D

  7. You gotta respect someones religious beliefs.

    But for me it would be a no brainer to use it if that was all I had.
  8. The effect: everyone is going to tell you to get your underage ass to a gas station and buy some proper papers
  9. Don't be a fiend, use legit papers. However if you're doing it for the novelty of it all, go in on it. I was going to a while back but I decided against smoking ink....

  10. It's always that effect... I want something different. I did it a lot 3 years ago...
  11. Burning paper with ink on it. Sounds toxic, i dunno :smoke:
  12. strange thread.. :(
  13. I wouldn't do it, but not because it's the bible. Because I don't like the idea of inhaling ink/whatever is on that paper. A pack of rollies is like, $1, way cheaper than a bible.
  14. I think people just like the old idea of rolling a joint w/ bible paper because it hints at the taboo of disrespecting religion and sort of seems a little cool and edgy in general. I'm w/ the guy above, why not get some papers? What are you 14?

  15. Listen, I'm smoking a joint with zig zags as I speak. I was just wondering because I did it so often as a teenager. We had a bible laying around, used it through a whole winter. Mostly the blank pages at the end of the book... maybe have used worded papers a few times.
  16. If you used the blank ones then why you worried about the ink?

  17. Because I used ink first, did not find those blank pages immediately.

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