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quick question about medical cards and mental illness

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by sticky_fingaz, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. I'm not sure if this has been braught up....I don't have the time to comb through threads! I have been diagnosed bipolar and have been prescribed different medications over the years!! I also have been admitted to mental hospitals 3 times!! Not anything crazy just had trouble controlling my emmotions and actions(not so much actions)! I am a lot better and have my life under control but that is partly because of weed lol!!! I would like to make it so I am legally able to buy and grow!!! How likely is it that if I go to a doctor that specializes in marijuana that I will get a card for this!!! I hate taking meds....they have to many side effects and not enough results.........ALL COMMENTS ARE HELPFUL AND WELCOME1!!! Thanks
  2. first look into whether the state you are in allows medical marijuana or not. There are currently (unless it has changed) twelve states that allow medical marijuana prescriptions. I don't know about all states, but in California, you can get a prescriptions for any illness that the doctor sees suitable.

    But I just want to mention my personal opinion on medical marijuana, and please don't take it as a personal attack, take it with a grain of salt.

    I think medical marijuana is bogus. Even If it really worked in the long run it would just be used as an excuse to let a small minority use it while everyone else is prosecuted for using it for also valid reasons. I think medical marijuana should be boycotted, it's not like medical marijuana dispensaries and legal users don't get raided anyways.What's the point?

    Even if you can "legally" grow marijuana, the state cops won't mess with you, but the feds will, and the moment the cops of any nature learn about your grow, the feds will very likely be notified and you will find your dorr quickly broken in and your house raided.

    When you support medical marijuana, you're sending a message to the rest of the world. You're saying, " this drug is so potentially dangerous, that is must be prescribed by a doctor". It does more to attack the image of the cannabis legalization movement than it does to help, and my honest opinion is that more and more people are realizing this.

    It's a straw man. First they set up this establishment where only people with "valid" excuses for being prescribed cannabis can recieve it, then when people "abuse" the system, it gives the movement a bad image, and portrays the recreational use of cannabis as irresponsible.

    Think about it.
  3. Now Before getting into this....1st of all thank you for taking the time to reply to my thread I would much rather be caught with a card, regardless if it is on a state level only!! Atleast in my locale I am legal I have that on my side!!! And I would not be growing anything ridiculous like 15 plants for personal use....if the feds want to bust my door down for 3-5 plants they must not have anything else to do....and that is a shame!!! There are a lot more pertanent matters at hand!!! Now on the other points u are making(in no way did I take it personal) I personally feel that making marijuana available medically is a step in the right direction!!! It is showing that atleast people are acknowledging that it is benificial and a way for people to lean off addictive things such as opiates, and in my opinion harmful meds such as prozac and such!!!! I don't believe that this country will legalize weed.....our leaders are too ignorant, stubborn, and close minded to even want to see that for the most part the war on drugs is a sham!!! Wishful thinking is always helpful though!!! BUT BACK TO THE MATTER AT AT HAND......IS THIS A REASONABLE THING TO BRING TO A MEDICAL DOCTOR??? As this is not only not a physical ailment
    But a matter of mental stability!!! Will I have any luck!! Once again thanks and all comments are welcome and appreciated
  4. i have bi polar insomnia manic depression and insomnia . on my license for med mj it indicates bi polar and anxiety as main reasons for my license. insomnia is a background. but if i didnt have med mj i would hurt many people due to my anger.
  5. I dunno man. I've always smoked for my depression, which in the last two weeks seems to have morphed to bipolar disorder. my therapist agrees that i experience hypomania and pretty much didnt raise too many concerns when i told him about how smoking was the only thing keeping me on a normal level. he pretty much just suggested that i may be dependent on cannabis (psychologically dependent. dont say that cant happen. you can get psychologically dependent on things as benign as taking walks). i know that im not dependent. hypomania has pretty clear symptoms, and im smart enough to know the difference between wanting to stop hypomania and itching to smoke a bowl. if you honestly tell your psychiatrist that smoking pot helps calm mania and/or lift you out of depression and that you want off of your pills and want to smoke to regulate your mood, i bet he/she will do whats right.

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