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quick question about large pickups

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokinGirly, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. ok I am planning on buying a qp or hp of some dank but when I started thinking about, I know nothing about prices of that quantity

    Now I can get a mids O for like $80 each but this seems to be a lot, especially if I am going to buy a big quantity so that is bullshit

    What would be an estimated price for say a qp of dank? what about a qp of mids?

    I want a price that can be expected so I know about what to expect so I can try to get a better deal by "negotiating" :D

    lol thanks guys
  2. you can get an O of mids for $80? either you got a mad hookup or what you know as mids isn't. Thats cheaper than cost price of an O of mids here in canada, after buying pounds.
  3. These are my prices but if you pay $80 for 'mids' then your market is a lot cheaper than mine.

    qp of quality beaster - 750
    dank - 1000+
  4. really?! i get zips of mids for 90 bucks..... its a pretty solid deal....but a qp of mids shouldnt be too much money.....around 300 especially if youre getting 80 dollar zips probably for dank ive gotten prices anywhere from 900-1300 bucks
  5. yea the mids are legit but a fuckin qp for 1000?

    .....fuck that
  6. yeah qp's where im from range from 800- 1000 maybe less maybe more but thats the average
  7. umm....for a qp of DAAAANK herb is 1300 around me. its pricey but this is amazing herb, O of it goes for $450. but one of my buddies recently paid $900 for a hp of some middies. keep in mind these are NJ prices, where you live its probly cheaper since you get Os for $80 lol
  8. pound of mids is 400-500

    qp of dank is 800
    pound is 1800

    here, atleast
  9. o of mids for 80 will prob be around 300 for the quap. maybe less
  10. Yeah if your looking to buy a qp you better be stackin.
    Last qp i bought ran me 1200 for Jack Frost (northern lightsxwhite widow then crossed with Jack herrer)
  11. Since you never picked up a qp before expect to be taxed. Don't be surprised to drop $1200. And good luck negotiating, the lowest I've thrown a qp for is $1000
  12. well i am close friends with a guy that doesn't deal or anything but he can get pretty much any bud he wants and has already said he will help me out

    if your trying to buy in bulk, 80 an O isnt that good....

    i was hoping to get a $250 qp of mids which im pretty sure i can get but i was just feelin out the dank..

    damn man so fuckin expensive
  13. I know buddies get middies for around 900 a pound.

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