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  1. just a quick picture because i think it looks good haha..

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  2. nice bcos, your plants looking good, duno bout the other seedling shes looking abit transparant and almos resembles a alien taking a bong hit, but meh, what do i know?

  3. hahaha he loves the green shit..
  4. Dont worry about the size man if you look at the pics in my journal the plants germed at the same time and look at the difference bearing in mind they are the same strain.

  5. so there doin ok then ? supose when its your 1st time your always worying n stuff lol another thing i noticed is i cant stop lookin at her haha its an addiction i tell ya lol cheers 4 thaat mels i feel better now! even if they dont work out i supose its somthing i could learn from at least..
  6. that's the spirit! just keep workin at it and eventually you'll get some nice big buds. lol and i totally know what you mean about not being able to stop looking at them.

  7. lol i think im actualy going blind from the light i look at em so much!
  8. just a new pic ..

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