quick perc question...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tarheelblue, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. last night I took two percocets over the course of like 6 hours, they are APAP 10 and 625 acet. I believe...

    however, I have a freakin headache and took two at the same time just now...

    I didn't give it much thought, since my perc tolerance has increased a little, but I should be okay right?

    I'm not scared of the tylenol part, because I know you can take up to the max of like 4000 mg per day, but will I be okay from the APAP point of view?

  2. youll be more than fine bro
  3. thanks man, nice name by the way, love Jack Herer, I have his autograph ;-)
  4. C'mon buddy :smoking:

  5. ehhh?
  6. 20mg of oxycodone is practically nothing, especially if you already have some tolerance. Worst thats going to happen to you on 20mg is that you pass out, unless you were mixing something else with it.

    I'm not making fun of you though, everyone asks these questions at some point.
  7. Your fine.. I know people who sniff 5-10 perk 30's a day
  8. I think you mean roxies, percs don't come higher than 10mg
  9. Yeah man you will be fine. Enjoy being fucked up. I wish I could get my hands on some percs right now
  10. why would you snort a perc,way to many fillers,like 2% of the pill is oxycodone,the rest your just snorting APAP.

  11. why? percs dont smell :D

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