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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bermanator, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. what would be a relatively inexpensive seed that would be easy to grow outdoors?

    i am new to growing and would just like something simple but that has good yield.

    anyone have any suggestions for a strain?
  2. i haven't gotten seeds in my pot for probably a year
  3. BUMP

    does anyone have any input?
  4. top 44, skunk, NL, durban poison, master kush
  5. check out nirvana seeds from seeds direct,https://www.seedsdirect.to/?page=shop/browse&category_id=cc23dc4b93b3f656200a3f9adfc96112&

    basicly your looking for a early finisher, since there the easiers to grow, but as long as you watch the weather chanel for frost or lots of rain while late in flower you can grow strains like jack herrer.
    They are cheap and have a wide variety of good strains. Some good strains for a first time grower are early bud,early misty, and ealy girl as your early "for sure to finish in time" plants, then papaya wich has great reviews outdoors, Ice, bubblicious as a sweet indica, northern lights (typical indica bud) and white widdow as a late finising sativa. White widdow is the only hard plant to grow i recomended simply because it finishes late in the season, but from what ive heard it's some of the most potent bud, covered with crystals, and the high is nice. Minimal you should grow 2 strains. Only have one as an "early" strain, and another an indica like papaya, ice, nl, or BG.

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