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    How long if not 24/7 should my water pump to my hydro system be on? i can get another timer if need or do i just let it run all day n night?
    oh also i have a airduct fan blowing in and a air duct booster blowing out should these be run 24/7 as well? i have them on whole time lights on then comes on every 2 hours till light is back on bad or good? any feed back is great.
    Thank you
  2. I have just started a hydroponic system, a bubbler, and I have read to keep it on 24/7; but from what I read you just need the airpump to run for a few minutes (like 20 minutes) each hour; but no harm comes from keeping it on; because in a system like a bubbler, your just using it to promote oxygen in the water and to insure no stagnation.

    The fans I would run non-stop as well unless you have a higher grade system that has a thermostat control to insure constant temp. Otherwise keep it on to keep constant circulation.

    I'm still fumbling my way through this stuff too and most of what I know I read from here or books so by no means am I an expert or even a proven grower.
  3. Air pump on 24/7. You need to ensure that the water is saturated with O2.

    I run my fans when the lights are ON during the veg state. However, when I get to flowering, I run the scrubber and fans 24/7 for smell control.
  4. Thank you both guys the input it was helpful, im just now germing seeds to start my first hydro grow so will see how it goes lol.
    Thanks again
  5. Plenty of information to be found here at GC so make sure you check around prior to getting to the next stage so your well informed and know what you need to do before you get there.
  6. can i use bonnie herb and vegitables in my hydr system

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