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Quick noobish question to the seasoned tokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rizopas88, May 10, 2010.

  1. I'm just curious If I smoke about 4-6 bowls of marijuana per day how long should a half of an oz last me?
  2. depends, how big is the bowl on your piece?
  3. If you pack them decent then at most 18 days.

    4 x .2 = .8
    14 / .8 = 17.5
  4. [​IMG]

    Here is the image of my bowl, its a little dirty now but meh
  5. that sucker could probably take a quarter gram, maybe a little less depending on your prefs.

    that would mean you go through about a gram to a gram and a half per day.

    if you smoked four bowls you'd be done in 14 days.

    if you smoked six bowls you'd be done in about 9 and 1/3 days.

    Sounds like the sweet life to me man haha.
    I go through a half ounce in a month, if not more.
  6. oh i won't be doing it long, imma try and cut back to about 2-3 bowls per day.
  7. Um...just break up your bag into bowl sized units based on what you usually pack. Then count them.
  8. Yeah the question was theoretical, I should have specified, I bought my first 1/2 the other day and i don't have a scale yet, and I trusted the guy because he is a good friend of the family. Anyways it only lasted me about 7 days, and I was just curious how long it should have lasted me. Another quick question is this a decent scale? 500g /0.1g Mini Electronic digital Balance Scale #566 - eBay (item 160431653266 end time Jun-04-10 23:51:39 PDT) I know its not that high quality but its not like i'm going to use it that often
  9. That scale is fine for a consumer to use to double check their purchases.
  10. half an ounce, 4-6 bowls smoked a day, id say it would last about 14 days ~1gram/day ?

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