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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AidanG, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So, I was babysitting for a family friend today. Just for the night as a favour. I was looking around the house while getting a drink and I see a torch lighter. A really good one. So im like "This guy must smoke weed" but i was only kidding. Because hes a grown man with 2 kids and a multi million dollar company I didnt expect him to smoke. So i keep looking and i see this box above his tv. All around the box there are these other boxes of incense. So i look in the box and find about 1.5 GRAMS and a wooden pipe. HILARIOUS! I was so surprised and I didnt want to take some incase he noticed. I think next time ill show up smelling like weed and hint at him that I smoke too.
  2. I wouldnt show up smelling like weed if you are gonna be watching his kid but yeah, thats pretty cool.
  3. Right on. Really nice torches are often indicative of a cigar smoker as well.
  4. True. Maybe ill just get straight to the point and ask him to smoke.
  5. you should make a funny reference about smoking AFTER THE KID WENT TO BED

    last thing this guy wants to think of is "oh i was stoned i let ur kid die sorry"

    use your mind, son
  6. hahaha that cracked me up :smoking:.
    interesting story though, what if it was his wifes! haha
  7. haha it made me laugh 2

  8. Stoned and let the kid die? aHAHHAHAH, I find it so much more enjoyable to be around little kids when high cuz I just get THEM!
    I eat jumbo, the jumbo shrimp, combo and when I smile like I don't know the lyrics...
    hHAHAhh it's cool that dude smokes.

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