Quick help please! (Setting up blower fan)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by HighOnTheHill, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Okay. I just checked out Lowes.com and they have a 450 CFM blower for 50 bucks. I'm stressing over heat, so I'm gonna go get one.

    How the hell do I rig this thing up? I'm growing in a small cab, like 2'x3'x5' and I'm gonna cool a HID light for flowering with this thing.

    It's a blower. So it sounds like to me I need to rig the "intake" on the fan up to my exhaust?

    Just not sure how to go about it because where the air comes out is a rectangle. I don't even know. I googled like 20 times and used the search feature but I can't find anything on rigging them.

    Decided to make a post 'cuz I'm in a hurry. Anyone?
  2. Okay so I got the fan. I have no idea how to rig it up to vent my cab =/

    Guess this is my -bump- post even tho it doesn't need to be bumped.

    I spent an hour in lowes and menards trying to figure out a way to do it with no avail. I've looked all over for a how-to as far as settng up the vent. These aren't nice 4" or 6" circles I can just attach a hose to =/

  3. what do you mean rig it up?
    if you want it as air intake cut a hole in the boxand mount the thing to the side of ur box, thus blowing fresh air into the box
    if you want to use it to take air out of your box (exhaust) then it sounds like it has to be in the box, cut a hole and affix the blower end to it, thus expunging air from the box, tho it sounds like space is a problem, maybe you can reverse it to suck and then be able to have it on the outside if this is indeed for exhaust

    i have been smoking g13 for a few hrs so keep that i mind when reading my response :smoking:
    gl man:wave:
  4. Is it a Stanley or Lasko blower? A link to the product description would help get your question answered.

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