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  1. Im in week 4 of flowering and my plants have more pistils than clumps of bud. Whats the issue?? They are on 12/12 and are indoor seeds, why are they blooming so slow? How can this process be speeded up?
  2. It all dpeends on the strain. There is no way to speed up flowering, they must grow their cycle if you want good quality bud.
  3. You should get familar with your strain, get a few grows with it under your belt before panicking, or comparing it with growth rates of other strains you see in journals online.

    In all likelyhood this is simply the way that your strain grows, and theres nothing wrong:cool:
  4. thx. I think its ak-47. They are beautiful but my leaves started yellowing from the bottom and was working its way up. I flushed them and still have'nt given no nutes since. Im using bat guano how should I administer it, and could the growth rate have something to do with majority of my sprouts being the same height as my top.
  5. the pistols will turn into unfertilized seed (which is the bud)

    sounds like you fried your plant, bat guano is very very strong shit...have you tried using the lucas formula? stick to the basics till you have some experience...seen too many people stunt their plants growth ... or killed them by trying some shit like that.
    good luck brother

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