Quick going out of town question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ayron, May 15, 2010.

  1. Hey blades I got three plants flowering in my closet and im going out of town for two days starting tomorrow. I have a light timer so im not worried about lights and watering and my lights come only come on at night. Im worried about my dad who usually sleeps in the living room sleeping in my room when im gone. (parents are gettign divorced ect.) My setup still gives off a little light and the fan i have inside makes a little noise and has to manually be turned on so leaving the setup going for two days isnt a good idea for a stealth grow. SO can I leave them for two days with the lights and everything off except for the quiet exhaust fan i got going w/o any serious side effects to the plants?

    P.S. im over 18 and my mom knows about the grow i just like to keep it out of sight out of mind
    P.P.S. a link to my grow is in my sig if anyone wants to check it out
  2. Get a reservoir and add water. As long as the continers the plants are in have drainage holes, the plant will survive 2 days.
  3. Tell you're dad you had an out break of genital herpies and that he shouldn't come near your clothes, bed sheets, or your room.:p
  4. lol :) im gunna water them a little and i think they will be fine too

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