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  1. Took a test at quest on Tuesday morning using quick fix. Everything went smooth. Temperature was in correct range. I called the employer on Wednesday afternoon and they said the only thing my test says is MRO . Does that mean I failed?? My test was 65765N and pre employment for an FAA position. I haven’t received any calls regarding my test. Am I screwed?
  2. It means the results are being looked at by the Medical Review Officer, it does not mean pass or fail.
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  3. I've been tested hundreds of times, the only time I my specimen was sent to the MRO was the time I failed. Maybe the FAA sends all specimens to the MRO, I wouldn't know.
  4. After I took my test. The paper they give you afterwards already had an MRO listed. Name and Contact. I know FAA goes through ADOT so I’m guessing that’s what it’s about. Still no one has contacted me about my results and I took the test Tuesday morning
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