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  1. Hi guys...so I had a pre employement test that i would have passed because I haven't smoked in months. But then I took the test and decided to smoke a j because I knew I would pass. I get a call three days after I start that the lab did not sign off on the chain of custody and that I have to go right now and take the retest. Problem is I had thc in my urine. So I went to a smoke shop and got a quick fix. I didn't look really into it if it was real or not but I check the batch number on the bottle and it said I was good. But I've head of people using the batch number and putting them on a fake. Don't think that's the problem. Everything went smooth at concentra labs besides that I guess I didn't put enough in it so they split it but I Dont know if that should be a problem or not. Hopefully someone can tell me. It was the right temperature and everything and now it got sent to the clinical reference laboratory. Does anyone or has anyone used the cr labs and concentra. I'm very worried and this is kind of messed up but it's life. I really love this job and it's a once in a lifetime. What do you guys think. Please help
  2. I’m in a similar situation, how did it turn out?

    I’ve only really read success stories, including for Concentra.
  3. I think they split it to have a second sample to test more thourghly if the first one test positive and you contest the reading have to pay a fee then they test the second half. I dont think it has to do with quantity.

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