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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine for DT

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TinkerStarBell, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I wanted to know how Quick Fix Synthetic Urine works for a DT, has anyone used it and passed their DT? I'm a young professional and almost a doctor and have a DT coming up soon and need something very quick. Any thoughts?

  2. I would think that if you need to take a DT for anything major, you wouldnt be able to use syntetic's
  3. Is your DT part of becoming a doctor? If so they'll probably see right through the fake urine.
  4. Well the synthetic urine is supposed to have everything that urine has in it, all the right ph levels. Just wondering if anyone has tried it and what their our come was.

    I'm actually interviewing in the medical field so you have made a good point. I've used my Mom's frozen urine before and that has always got me through.
  5. it works, cousin used it and passed
  6. That's a better bet I'd say because no synthetic is perfect.
  7. Quickfix worked for the test that I had to take recently. The headshop I bought it from told me that truckdrivers who get tested by the DOT use it and pass all the time and we all know how strict the DOT is with their drug tests.
  8. I used Quick fix multiple times to pass drug tests required for jobs. What I do is activate the heater that comes with the sample, tape it to the sample and make sure it is within the required temperature range. I then tape it to my leg and go take the test. Quick fix works, but you have to have the balls to do it.;)
  9. I am actually posting for first time and can only figure out how to reply. Hope you can help anyway. I just used Quick Fix 5.7 yesterday for a urine test. I thought it was going to be one of those on-site quicky pass/fail things but they sent it out to Quest Labs. Now I am COMPLETELY FREAKED :eek: I picked quick fix after reading many forum postings, and the shop I bought it fro said they have never had a complaint and have many repeat buyers. Anybody had experience with Quest and using Quick Fix? I have been nauseous the last week waiting to take the test, but I'm worse today waiting for the results
  10. Yep, it works. At least three of my co-workers have gotten their jobs using this stuff.

    Unlike myself, who was clean for over a year trying to find a job :p

  11. Don't worry about it. It is clean urine and you will pass.;)
  12. I was wondering about this too!!! haha I was skeptical but that's AWESOME that it works!!! dude my friend is gonna be so happy, he just got a job at the airport and stopped smoking cause they supposedly to random DT'ing, he's gonna flip his shit when I tell him about this stuff!! :D:D:D plus now I can smoke 100% worry free!

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