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Quick fix plus

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Reese.89, Sep 28, 2017.

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    So I have been searching the internet trying to figure out a good synthetic urine to use for preemployment testing and decided on quick fix plus. It's basically all rave reviews unless there's a user error. I did stop smoking but I keep failing the home tests and I couldn't push the appt back any longer. Anyhoo I'm basically trying to find out if anybody has used the quick fix plus RECENTLY and and also about the facility I tested with U.S. health works who will be sending the sample to Clinical Reference Labratory (CRL) in Lenexa Kansas. After googling the code on my paperwork I found it's a 10 panel. I am obviously nervous as hell!!!! Plz somebody tell me something!!!
  2. Really?? I could use some advice ppl plz???!!!
  3. I would feel okay with using Quick Fix. A guy I knew who had a law internship used it and he passed, it was only in December so it should be okay. Make sure you get the latest formula of Quick Fix, and then in the box it should have a green slip of paper that gives you a website where you can validate your quick fix. Honestly you should be fine, but trying to actually sneak it is the hard part. If it makes you feel better you could buy an at home drug test kit and test a little sample of the quick fix, of course it's not lab quality but really they all tend to search for the same things in urine and the THC metabolites.
  4. Thanks for the feedback!!! I actually had a bottle of qf we had bought the week before and having nvr done this before had no idea about the batch # stuff. Fast forward to the day before the test, I open the box check out what i'm going to have to do the next day and when I ran the # I find out my batch was RECALLED!!! SHIT!!! After about 10 different calls to local head shops I finally found a different retailer who let me verify my batch in store b4 purchase..... that batch was fine...... PHEW!!! Now it's the waiting game. This has certainly been stressful!!
  5. Well, not that anybody’s reading this thread but I passed!! It was a miracle and now I’m on government payroll. Yay for meeeeeee
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  6. Congrats! I just submitted for my test on Friday using quickfix. The lab should have received it on Monday. I figure if I can make it through today I should be good too
  7. Idk if anyone will see this. :( this is my very first time subbing. I’m really nervous. I used quick fix 6.1. Temp was perfect even showed on my paperwork. Only thing I am not freaking out about is if I will pass. I live in California and my test is being sent to Alere in West Virginia. I’ve read that the quick fix I used contains both Uric acid and urea. Has anyone passed in a similar situation? I’m really nervous and I want this job so bad. Mine is a non-dot 5 panel urine sample. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :(
  8. Hey there Emjayy, My story is a bit more complicated than my previous posts suggest........... at the beginning of my synthetic urine journey I was actually planning on subbing with somebody else’s clean urine instead of using synthetic bcuz I had nvr done anything like that b4 and I was super skeptical about fake pee getting the job done. But truth be told I chickened out since I’m a new mom and that would mean admitting I like to enjoy a long toke at the end of my day to one of my “clean” mom friends **gasp**. So I was actually temping my own urine to find out what said friends urine should be warmed to (gross I know but I really wanted this job dammit!!) it was usually between 97.3 and 98.2. Fast forward to my decision to use QF 6.1 and on my way to take test, I pull in the parking lot and used my digi thermometer to check QF and it was at 101+ and I was crapping my pants!! I decided to ditch the warmer!! In hindsight I now know that I would have lost a few degrees during the pour and I would have been perfectly in normal range, instead I made the previously stated royal mistake of ditching the warmer. When I went inside to drop the test I was getting along great with the kid that collected my sample so I handed him my pee cup and we went to do a hearing test in a soundproof booth. As soon as he closed the door behind us he looked at me and said “your so lucky I’m the one that collected ur sample” I wasn’t sure I heard him right and I looked up in confusion “huh”?? He repeated himself adding ur temp was @ 93.7!! SHIT!!! He told me he’s seen grown ass men crying about losing there jobs and having kids and mortgages from making the same mistake I just made. But he said he doesn’t nt believe smoking pot should mean u miss out on new opportunities sooooooo he passed me on my temp!! This kid is the only reason I passed my test. As I said in my previous post my stuff was then sent out of state for a ten panel and everything else worked out fine. Long story short, it’s really true what people say about “as long as the temp is good you’ll be fine”. I found this out the hard way but if I ever have to sub again I can say I will be much better prepared. You WILL be fine..... keep us posted and best of luck in your future ventures. I hope I helped u feel a bit better about your situation ☺️
  9. Hey Reese!!! Awww I’m so happy for you!!! Yeah the box on my paperwork was marked off that the temp was in range. So now I just wait for results. Thanks for the reply! I’ve been freaking out since yesterday lol. I will definitely keep you updated!!
  10. So I passed!!!!!! Thank you so much for your response!!

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