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Quick Fix Plus WORKS!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Yogianji, Dec 3, 2019.

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    I’ve been reading every post on here going crazy about quick fix and if it works. Well, i got offered a position,however I had to pass a urinalysis test first!! I was so nervous because I’ve only used fake pee once but that was 2012 and the lab i went to only used a dip stick. So, this time i had to go to Quest Diagnostics to take my 10 panel non dot urine test. Here, they send your sample off to a lab somewhere for a more thorough analysis, this had me so nervous. So i bought quick fix from my local smoke shop, followed the directions perfectly and used it at quest. I even bought two and an at home drug test just to see if it would come back invalid or not and it passed the at home test. NO THEY DO NOT CHECK YOU OR PAT YOU DOWN OR GO INTO THE ROOM WITH YOU. So do not stress about this. However, this was in my situation of course so always be cautious. Always make sure the temperature is at least at 95 or higher when you submit it, although they legally have to accept anything between 90-100 degrees. But you don’t want to raise any suspicion!! So after submitting mine it was about 96-97 ish. I took this test the day before thanksgiving on wed 11/27, and they didn’t release the results to my employer until Monday 12/2. IT WORKED, I PASSED!! The employer sent me an email the same day saying that i had been cleared to start the position in 2 weeks. GUYS, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, CHECK THE BATCH NUMBER AND YOU WILL BE FINE. I did not know to check batch numbers until after i took the test so next time i definitely will but luckily I passed anyways. If you do not hear back within 24 hours, it is not because you failed, so don’t worry about that either because mine took more than 24 business hours and i passed. I will use quick fix time and time again because it has proved it’s validity and was able to pass all the ph tests and stuff they look for to make sure it’s real human urine. Good luck to anybody who is thinking of using quick fix, i highly recommended!!!
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  2. I have quick fix plus right now been told I’m taking a 10 panel test some day soon been looking to see if it works or not how do I check the batch number?

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    You have two options:

    Call: 1-800-420-4574
    You will be speaking to a live rep this way

    This site will ask you for the batch #, location, and store

    Good luck! As I mentioned above, I was not aware that I should check the batch number before I took the test so I did not. But these two options should give you some relief. Hope this helps.
  4. Im a field technician. I keep a bottle in one of my tool boxes in an insulated pouch with some hand warmers ready. ive never failed in the 8 years ive been using it

    the first time is spooky. keep it close to your body and trust the instructions. the only time they look at you pee is when its dealing with government or court ordered.

    weirdly enough ive been in a roll over (dispatched 2 hours away in a blizzard) and I got tboned (while riding with another tech) and ive never been drug tested. but id rather be safe that sorry.
  5. Yogianji: I just squeezed through with QF at Quest myself. High level/paying job, sweated bullets over the whole DT, but Spectrum Labs did it again brother, congratulations!

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