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  1. So I got a call last Thursday informing me that I was hired for a job. Given the corporate setting, I anticipated a drug test, and sure enough, the woman ended the phone call by telling me I had til Tuesday to do the test.

    Product: Quick Fix Plus (3oz)
    Batch Number: P11S-12

    On the day of the test (yesterday), I heated up the QF in the microwave until it was 98-100 degrees. I then rubber banded a disposable heat pack to the bottle, capped it, threw it in my pocket, and hopped in my car. I drove within several blocks of the facility, checked the temperature strip and it was 96-98 after 30 minutes of driving. I slipped it in my underwear (tightey whiteys absolutely necessary) under my sack, walked into the facility, and waited about 30 minutes before I was called.

    The technician had me remove my jacket and everything in my pockets. He then marked a line on a cup, told me not to flush the toilet, and informed me I had 4 minutes. I walked into the bathroom, closed the door, whipped out the QF, and checked the temperature (94-96 degrees at this point). To fill the cup to the line, I had to squeeze almost the entire bottle into the cup. The bottle made an audible sound when squeezed (moment of panic), but luckily, I encountered no problems, delivered the goods, signed off, and made my exit.

    Waiting on the results, I'll post an update in the next several days.
  2. Was it a lab test or what?
  3. yes, it was a lab test
  4. You heard anything yet? I've got a UA coming up soon (not sure when exactly) and I'll be using QF 5.7-1 and would love to hear how your results went.
  5. I bet OP failed and is too embarrassed to tell us. Shame of him for thinking he could trick a lab test. He would have gotten results by now.
  6. Well after the large amount of positive reviews from QF+, even those for probation and employment, my opinion differs. I believe the OP probably passed and now that he is no longer worried about a DT he isn't browsing weed forums anymore :p
  7. I recently received a 6 figure job offer.  My heart sank though when I saw that part of the offer included a clause that this was subject to medical test (including drug screening).  Based in British Columbia I have naturally partook since 1987 and was indignant at this requirement.  My first thought was to tell them to take their job offer and find someone else - the fact I smoked a joint 3 weeks ago in my backyard should have nothing to do with the employment.  This is an office type job in the IT industry with a little bit of driving.  Not a safety sensitive type of position.  This is Canada and I had never been asked nor heard of anyone who had to do this to be hired in anything but oil, gas, and mining or transportation. They would have a hard time finding "clean" people here as many would fail in Vancouver.
    As the position did pay an extra 25K annually and was a great career move for me I began to look at other options. I settled on the Quick Fix Plus with Uric Acid as I had read many positive reviews on this product.  Purchased at my local headshop and the guy at the counter said this was one of his best selling products.  He said the same people came back to buy it time and again. He just cautioned me to ensure I kept it at the correct temperature and not to worry.
    I actually wore shorts to bed and slept with it in my pocket.  I woke in the morning and the temp strip read 90 degrees.  I had an hour before my appointment so I did not bother heating it up in the microwave but affixed the heat pad with rubber band.  I got to the testing facility and started shitting bricks because the temp only read 92 degrees.  Luckily they were delayed and I had to wait 30 min extra and the bottle made it to 94 degrees.  Probably a good idea to ensure it is at about 96 degrees before you leave your house.  It can take at least two hours to heat up the bottle of QF with the pads even starting at a high temp so don't count on those solely unless you got some time.
     I kept the quickfix in my front pocket the whole time as I was confident they were not going to make me empty my pockets - If not sure then crotch it for sure.  I was sent into the bathroom and I locked the door.  I then filled the cup with the QF+ (had the cap on that you can flip and squirt|) and had a bit left over in the bottle.  Pissed a bit in the toilet and came out of the bathroom and asked to wash my hands right away because I pissed on them.  We had a good laugh about that.  Technician checked off that temp was within range. Sample was couriered to a lab in Ontario. 
    This happened a few weeks ago.  Never heard anything about the drug test. Received a message from my future employer (now current) letting me know that the medical and background checks were all done and I should let them know a start date.
    Keep tokin!  Just keep it at the Required Temperature and Don't let anyone see you make the switch.  That is all you can do.  And you will be fine.  QF seems to have the right chemistry to pass the current screening methods.  I read a lot on the internet probably just like everyone else and the feedback is good.  My personal experience was good and hopefully I never have to do that again.  Some things are not worth it.
    You have probably read enough on this topic.  KNOW it works so put your mind at ease and enjoy a blunt. You will pass and you will get that job. 
  8. http://www.urineluck.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=4&idproduct=10
    im gonna lay it out the way i used this amazing substitute... rock on friends... have confidence in the product and yourself.. shit will work.
    i have passed two pre-employment screens... both split specimen (two bottles) sent to a lab... hit the correct temp right on the dot, though they give you a small window, 92-99 max...    
    first test- july 2012   got the job  using a 2012 batch
    second test - july 2013  passed the test, declined job (just wasnt for me...)  using a 2012 batch
    my method is to drive to a gas station near the testing facility, leaving about 20-30 minutes to ensure all systems are go...
    walk up in that store, goto the coffee machine and grab you a 16 OZ cup and proceed to fill that dude about 2"-3" below the rim with plain hot water (like your fixin to make some tea from a tea bag..)..
    go back out to your car, turn the air on and maintain a comfortable cabin temperature..  and drop the piss bottle into the cup of hot water, just for like not very long, and do your best to get that dude up to temp, it is EASILY over heated, if you put that thing in hot water for 30 secs, the temp strip will be off the chart and you will be overheated..but its ok, calmy sit in the car and use the fact that your AC is on and you can use this to bring the temp back on the chart... i suggest running it about 100*..  you will drop temp from the time of heating till you tuck that dude away and get tested...
    i suggest the included directions using the microwave method then maintain with hot water if needed, depending on how far your drive is.. but in my case the 2nd time i used this product i didnt have a microwave available..
    all people have their method of tucking... boxer briefs or another type of tight around the edges undies will work, hell, get in your girls panty drawer if you have to, and then throw your boxers on over that then your jeans or whatever.. i change in my car, i have limo tint on my windows so its whatever... use your common sense, find a corner in a parking lot..
    once your to the facility, be there like 5 min early and check in, and they will call you quick... if for ANY reason you sit for over 30-45 min ur gonna need to goto the boys room in the waiting area and check your cargo.. anything below 92 and your failed, instantly. 
    they dye the toilet and listen for the sink, and the fucking bathroom i was in on the 2nd test had a motion dector sink... and that fucker was sensitive and went off, and the test proctor said NO RUNNING WATER SIR but i imediatley said MA'AM I DID NOT TURN IT ON ITS THE AUTOMATIC SENSOR..BUT IM DONE ANYWAYS..  and it was cool... just be calm and SMART.
    message me for any help or questions
    Dude, that is BULLSHIT! Whenever I saw these types of threads I always had a little chuckle to myself at how needlessly Draconian and invasive corporations can be in America. I never thought that this drug testing bullshit had crossed to our side of the border other than for the industries you've mentioned. What a load of fucking shit. I guess whatever America does is cool and should be copied, eh? Or the sales team of the scummy drug testing company talked them into it. That's gotta be contestable as a breach of privacy and human rights. Sure, it's easy enough to get around but as you said, smoking a joint 3 weeks ago has NOTHING to do with how well you can do your job.
    Gah, this rage. 
  10. I recently purchased QuickFix Plus, at a local head shop "Smokeys" on bird road (Miami).. Canada-P5PP-13C, which is suppose to be new and better... yeaaaa, not the case. The lab results came back as invalid. Wish I would've listened to those few bad reviews. P.S-This wasn't a matter of the temperature being incorrect, they checked it in front of me, and it was 96 degrees, perfect. 
  11. Bummer man, if you ordered it direct from Spectrum Labs you might have a leg to stand on as far as a refund goes.. Have confidence buy the us version that's made for your location.. You are in the states... Also a local headshop here put together his own substitute kit. Its everything in the quick fix kit minus the piss.

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  12. *This post is fictional. yadda yadda*     ...   ...
    I've been lurking the forums for a while, but I think my first experience using Quickfix is worthy of a post. Short story: It passed like a mofo. I was all paranoid, doing as much research as possible, and called two different numbers to see if my batch was good. The two people who answered my calls said It was good and seemed to just brush it off and I was like, "are they just telling me what I want to hear?" But I had no choice but to go through with it. I got Quickfix 5.7-1 batch P2D-13.
    Like many of you, I looked online and read countless success stories (many of them more than once) to get the confidence to do this thing. I even got the Urinator, which I guess I didn't really need, and made things a little riskier because of how bulky it is, but hey, I survived. I practiced for a couple of days beforehand, bought boxer briefs for hiding the urinator as close to my body as possible, and surprisingly enough, it was not visible as long as I wore pants slightly baggier than usual. Not really that baggy either.
    The test was at Labcorp, and when you open the door to this place and see the waiting room and all that, your instincts kick in and say "oh shit! Fall back! Retreat!". Adrenaline kicks in. But I put my game face on, signed in, and waited about 15 minutes before getting brought in. The collectors were two very hot girls. The one who actually collected my piss had me empty my pockets and put the things in a white box that had a lock on it, but I never saw her lock it. She brought me to the bathroom and told me not to flush or use the sink, and fill above the temperature sticker, which was probably less than 50ml. VERY low fill line. 3oz  of QF was overkill here, but your mileage may vary.
    So I pissed in the toilet for authenticity, emptied much less than half of the Quickfix into the cup and blew on it slightly, as the Urinator was keeping it at 100. The temp strip started at 98, but cooled to 96, which I read is EXACTLY what is supposed to happen with real piss, even though you are given the freedom of 90-100 degrees. I was happy to be that much more realistic. When I came out of the bathroom, the collector was talking on the phone. She checked the temp, printed out some forms, told me I could wash my hands. She poured some of the piss into a vial and closed it, had me initial it, then sign and intial 3 copies of a form. The space for remarks was left blank, Is temperature between 90 & 100F? YES.     Split Specimen Collection? NO   Collection Observed? NO.
    I was told to call a number within one hour after the test and give them my specimen ID #. When I called, the girl on the other end sounded like she just did not give a fuck. She was probably high herself. I was told that if I had a non-negative, I would be called the next day and have 48 hours to respond. (this is contrary to other posts I have read, where test results take 48 hours and you have 24 hours to respond, but I could be wrong.) Two business days later, and I never got a call. :cool:
    So overall, I'm glad I had this experience, as it pretty much confirms what we all know: that the "war on drugs" made it easy to justify things as horrible as America's booming prison population and the profiteering that results from that to something as silly as pre-employment drug testing, all because it's a way to make money. The Labcorp collectors get paid, the lab contracted my Labcorp doing the actual tests gets paid. Your workplace gets overcharged for this test, but the insurance company then offers your workplace liability insurance. A multi-million dollar industry for something so arbitrary. It's just a bunch of people going through the motions and they have no incentive to bust you.
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  13. The "little bit of driving" is more that likely the reason for the testing.
  14. Just created this account so I could share my QF success story. Got word today I passed my pre-employment urine test. Used Quick Fix 5.7-1 at Lab Corp in Ohio. Originally had gotten the 6.0 formula, but after reading that the 6.0 had been detected in Ohio labs (and confirming this with Spectrum Labs) I exchanged it for the 5.7-1. Anywho, after sweating it out for a couple of days, my new employer contacted me and let me know I had passed and am good to go. Thank you to all the prior posters in this community for giving me the faith in the product and the stones to do the substitution.
  15. For those of you who are having a hard time putting your mind at ease, I recently passed TWO pre-employment drug screens using QF plus (NON uric acid). The first was a split specimen, and the second was not a split specimen. Neither employer notified me that i had successfully passed the drug screen. for one job, i assumed i had passed (and in fact did) because i was invited to participate in training and have already received payment. for the other position, my employer simply asked me to acknowledge an email verifying my start date attendance (this was one week prior to official start date & one week post urine analysis). During the week that i was in limbo waiting for a response from HR, i was doing my "research" by skimming forums and found that most everyone was saying "No news is GOOD news" - That is the golden rule. If you are not contacted within a limited amount of days following your UA, there is a GREAT chance that you passed!! On the other hand, keep an eye out for the mail man as your prospective employer can resort to snail mail to rescind offers. 

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