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  1. I am expecting an imminent Piss test in the next week or so. The quick fix I got has a formula 6.0 how do be sure it is the right stuff. I have been seeing stuff in regards to a CANADA version?? The stuff I have says it had the uric acid in it so I should be good right? Just have seen posts on 5.7 and nothing on 6.0. Help me out folks.
  2. The synthetic urine? It comes with pretty straightforward instructions man. Heat it up, strap the warmer on and you're good to go.
    If you're not talking synthetic urine, then I don't have any experience with drinks.
  3. Yeah I get that stuff. I just wanted to know how to check the batch?

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  4. Comes with a batch #, I believe you can call in on it and check. Don't believe you can look online, can't remember, its been about a year and a half since I've used one.
  5. Thanks for the med man

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  6. No problem man. Although I wouldn't worry to much about it. If it has a batch # its probably legit. The shit works too
  7. It's amazing how such a poorly made cheap product can still fool so many people. It has never once worked for me or my friends. Monkey Flask is where it's at. Works every time and has uric acid for anyone that has to worry about that.
  8. Funny you say this but then mention a brand I've never heard of. I've used quick fix twice with success and know 2 others that have used it successfully.

    Maybe you got a knock off or some shit, did you ever get your $ back since you didn't pass?
  9. i've used P-Sure and Magnum... both worked for hiring tests
  10. I wasn't trying to be disrespectful so my apologies if I offended anyone. Just wanted to state my experience. As far as a Canadian version mentioned above, that's the reason I brought up the uric acid thing. In Canada, Oregon, California, Washington, and several other states uric acid is one of the ways to test for validity. Serious Monkey Bizzness is the company that makes the monkey flask and they also have a pouch I think is called the monkey whizz. The products have worked for everyone I know and I know hundreds due to the business I am in. If you haven't heard of them I would check them out. I have personally spoken with them and they are very helpful and seem to be stand up people. If something else has worked for you then I think that great. From experience and from others experience I just get bummed out when something doesn't work. Plus I would be worried with all the recall on different batches over the years and different formulas. Anyhow, good luck to everyone....cheers.

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