Quick Fix 6.2 Pass Alere Toxicology Lab

Discussion in 'General' started by timdog562, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Quick fix passed the sent out test to the lab to let everyone know this works just make sure to follow instructions and please follow my advice because I don't just don't over think anything it went all smooth and good been using quick fix for years have not yet seen it fail on me or all the people I know which is alot that use it and have success.
  2. Hey, recently took a drug screening (urine for employment) it was sent to the same lab. How long did it take for you to yet your results from Lab?
  3. hey how is it going don't stress out about my employer didn't even tell me the results just gave me the orientation and I been here for a week now ! It works
  4. Hey there. So I actually used monkey flask. Its reputable from what I was told. It is sworn by. Heard good things about quick fix too just from research. I have been stressing but I did every right temp was right, and it was sent off to the lab. No word from employer. It's been 10 days.
  5. Ok I never heard of monkey flask I only used that one brand quick fix spectrum labs i could almost say it's actually urine because I passed they didn't even tell me if I passed or not just gave me a start date and I been working since good luck though man it is stressful

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