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  1. so if you’re like me, you’ve probably read a lot about this stuff. I’m up for a well paying new job. I’ve used quick Fix once before and it worked perfectly. I just went in to the occupational health center and did my test about an hour ago. Hopefully it works like it has for me before. Thisparticular test was an ecup test by alere(sp?). Needless to say despite succeeding before I was still full of nerves going in. Long story short I followed the directions and was able to nail the temp(98)and have my specimen accepted. I’ll update with results when they come in.
  2. and where as the testing place at? I am thinking of using QuickFix at Quest Labs, but kind've curious as to how they can't tell if it is synthetic or not.. makes no sense to me
  3. It was at the local hospitals occupational health center. I just received the email and I got the job. :)
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  4. Nice, that's what's up Congrats!! You know of anyone using it at QuestLabs?
  5. All I’ve read about quest is that it works there. Tbh I think the only way you can fail with this stuff is if the initial sample isn’t accepted. I practiced getting the temp right and I sewed a small pocket in some boxer briefs and wore another pair over then. If you can get the temp right you’re fine. Hopefully this helps you and anyone else who sees this thread. Good luck man!
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  6. thanks man I appreciate it. You mind sharing an imgur screenshot of the sewn boxers? LOL
  7. I took a dot drug test with 6.2 QF. It was sent off to a lab in Kansas. Any word on DOT test with this stuff?
  8. Honestly I don’t know if a DOT test is more stringent. I did see a YouTube video from a guy who performs DOT tests and he could spot the fake stuff(at least he thought he could)
  9. I am thinking of using QuickFix at Quest Labs
  10. I did this past weekend. I'm pretty sure they sent it Monday morning instead of the weekend .. It is now Thursday almost after hours and have not heard anything. The temperature was marked off as a "Yes" indicating that the temperature was within range, but I am still in the dark shitting my pants haha
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    From my understanding the UA facilities calibrate their machines with synthetic urine to make sure it's working properly. Makes no sense to use real urine to calibrate their equipment, right? That's what I read anyway.
    QF claims to have all the right ingredients to pass the test and the machines can't tell the difference, since they use synthetic pee to being with. At least that's what I read. I'm hoping it works. Also, I saw a reddit AMA from a UA specialist and he claims that synthetic won't pass because it doesn't have creatinine but I asked Spectrum Labs and they include it in their products. I'm going for a UA in two weeks. I smoked daily but not heavily. Like 4gr a month and I have like 2% body fat. Going for a SAP 5-50 at Quest. Wish me luck.
  12. good luck bro
  13. Thanks man! So nervous!
  14. make sure you have the temperature down bro
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    Hey everyone

    Female here that took a pre-employment drug test just yesterday. Details: 5 panel, split specimen test at an occupational health dept. I used Quick Fix Plus 6.2 that my husband grabbed for me at a local headshop. Batch #ST183D39A which I verified before the test was a good batch. The sample was sent to LabCorp in NC.

    So, I activated the heat pad about an hour before my test, attached it to the bottle after I zapped it about 12 seconds, and tucked it lengthwise in the front of my bra. I'm a busty gal, plus I wore a nice summer dress that allowed plenty of coverage in front. Ok, I felt good, but nervous.

    When I arrived at the location and pulled the bottle out in the parking lot, I realized that the temp strip being against my sweaty skin seemed to have f*cked it up (it had been working just fine before). The bottle felt warm, but registered no temp. Thinking it was overheated, I pulled the heat pack off and put it in my cupholder to cool with light AC going. It didn't help at all, still no reading after 10 minutes. Perhaps it's common sense not to put the temp strip against your body, but I honestly wasn't aware, so go easy on me, lol.

    Honestly not knowing what to do and with no idea how warm the synthetic urine was, I called my husband who said to just tuck it against my body and get it done. Even more freaked out now, but knowing how much I wanted this job, I took his advice and went in. I waited for about 20 minutes (managed to quash the bottle under my boob as deeply as I could for extra warmth) and was called back. She had me lock up my purse, asked me if I had pockets, and handed me a cup with a temp strip on the front and a line to fill to. The room was about two feet away from where she sat at a desk (eeeeeek!), but where there was also a light hum, which I think boded well for me, because the bathroom was dead silent. The sink was taped off and a big sign reading "DO NOT TOUCH!" was taped across the top of the toilet which had blue-dyed water. There was also a stainless steel shelf where I set my cup and quick fix.

    Very quietly, and with shaking hands, I gently shook and then poured the quick fix into the cup (no squirt top!) and tried not to scream with excitement when it read 94, very much aware that if it hadn't been in the right range, I was basically f*cked. It was dropping quickly, though, being on that cold shelf, so I quickly put the top back on the quick fix, peed in the toilet (used kegels to cut off flow to sound more realistic), shook the cup for bubbles and to slosh against the sides to make it seem like "pee trails" (I'm all about details!), and hightailed it out. She directed me to wash my hands as she marked my temperature as being in "the zone" and poured the sample into two vials, and then had me sign off on them. I was practically floating on air as I walked out of that place.

    Now it's the waiting game. I see there are others who are in the same position, and I want to say I'm there with you. It truly sucks that we have to be put through such trails just for enjoying a bit of green.

    I will do my very best to ensure I come back to give my results, because seeing these stories has really helped push me through the whole process. Thanks you guys (and gals) :gc_rocks:
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  16. I passed!! My new employer emailed me this morning to let me know I've been officially hired on!! Batch #ST183D39A which was sent to Lab Corp.

    This stuff really works!! Good luck everyone - but I don't think you'll be needing that luck! Just use the current product (verify with batch validator) and get your sample in at the right temp range!
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  17. Just got word from my boss.......I PASSED with Qcarbo32. 5 panel DOT drug test! I cant believe it.
  18. Gonna do the same thing tomorrow. Fucking nervous. Doing Quest labs, SAP 5/50 GC/MS. Do you know what test they requested?
  19. It was the alere ecup.

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