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Quick drying Qwiso (iso hash)?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by B_herb420, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. So, I used two Pyrex glass baking dishes. One for hot water, one for the hash.

    I put the hash baking dish into the water baking dish(water dish is bigger), and poured boiling water into the bigger water baking dish, over and over until the alcohol in the smaller dish dried. I also had a fan blowing over top.

    But, It's only been like 3 hours... it looks/feels pretty dry. But, everyone's qwiso guides say to wait like 24 hours...

    Think I'm okay to scrape this stuff up and smoke it?
  2. I have never made hash with ISO. I have however used acetone. I just let it dry until I could practically get my nose touching it and couldn't smell any solvent.

    At that point people say to wait 24 hours, simply because you don't want to be smoking any of these solvents, that is VERY harmful to your body. I think though at the point that you can't smell anything the concentration is low enough that it won't hurt you.

    Either way man, I'm not smoking it, so do whatever you feel like.
  3. Well...

    Has anyone ever smoked qwiso that was quick dried?
  4. Yea I did it the same way you did and like 2 hours later it looked good and I smoked it. It was kinda sick though I still tasted that ISO. Smell it and mix it around and see, chances are theirs ISO still in there not fully evaporated.
  5. Hmmm... I really wanna smoke it. There's only one part that feels kinda sticky. But, every time I make qwiso there's sticky spots. And, it smells hashy. I can't smell any ISO.
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    I do it all the time using a method similar to the one you described. The time it takes to dry, or evaporate all the iso off, depends on how much you had to start with. I've done it where its taken 15 minutes and other times where its taken 5-6 hours. If you cant smell any alcohol anymore you're fine.

    The sticky spots are probably just plant sugars. The more pure the iso the less sticky it will be. At its best mine either crumbles or it is malleable like very hard clay. Still a bit sticky but not runny.
  7. Just wait overnight don't use hair dryer or oven bc of the fumes
  8. i love the fruity almost non-weed smell it takes on.

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