quick cheap fix or expensive? car shuts off when put in drive or reverse

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  1. Hi, I have a 98 mustang that's been down and I miss it and want to fix it. Just havnt because of moneys but anyways, someone was driving it fast on the freeway, when getting off at exit he says the car just stalled on him. the car turns on alright, it struggles a bit but it used to take a second before anyways.
    the weird thing is that its fine but once you put it in drive or reverse it just turns off. no noise with it really.
    a "mechanic" came and took a look, he replaced some sensor and said all was well, then I asked if he had tried MOVING the car. It shut off and he said its probably the transmission.
    what are some of the issues it could be and price range for the fix do you think?

  2. Torque converter, would be around $500-$750 with labor is normally the price range for that type of service
  3. Crank positions sensor, clogged egr valve...all kinds of things could be wrong. Ford has a little magnetic pickup on the distributor shaft that can get all wonky...Put an as on Craigslist and see if a shadtree can diag it for you. Might cost $25 or $50..still cheaper than a shop.
  4. I know this! It happens to fords especially older ones. YouTube it and they show you how to clean the thing that needs cleaned. It's an easy fix and I forget what that parts called.

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  5. You're probably referring to the IAC, or Idle Air Control valve.
  6. Probably! It gets dirty and needs cleaned. So when you put it into reverse or drive, it dies. Right?

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  7. Try tapping on the IAC with the engine running and listen for a change in RPM. Many scan tools will allow you to increase or decrease RPM as a functional test, indicating circuit integrity. You might remove it and clean out the carbon build up with carburator spray cleaner and a small brush, but most likely will end up replacing it. While your at it clean the throttle body.
    Any idea what's been replaced already?  
  8. It can cause a multitude of problems. I've seen it also cause extremely high RPMs as well.
    That valve does what its name implies. At idle, it controls the air. Which directly affects the fuel/air mixture. If it's too rich (meaning too much gas) it can bog down, or stall.
  9. Try going on an appropriate car forum,,,there's a bunch of them....you should get a quick answer....
  10. My vote iac or egr valve. Replace em. They get old rusty and stuck.

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