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    Oh and take a look at the others...

    Ben Bernake...:mad:

    Alec Baldwin...:confused:

    Bruce Springsteen...:confused:

    Anyways, let's get an actual list here, keep on voting...:wave:

    Actually, we're sitting pretty good right now, RP is in second place, right behind Erik Martin (not sure who he is...) and following in third is Anonymous!:hello:
    Poll Results - The 2012 TIME 100 Poll - TIME
    But, Adele and Lady Gaga (at least Adele is losing her poll though) are right behind Anonymous.:(
    :laughing: and Obummers is at 13!!! :yay:

    Anyways, interesting list, and we're prolly gonna win at least a top five position, looking like top two, but the lead, that Erik guy has our score tripled, so I'm not holding my breath on taking first from him...:rolleyes:
  2. I like the blurb they put up too.

    "The leader of a vibrant libertarian movement, Paul has drawn huge, passionate crowds throughout the Republican presidential campaign. But on his third and final bid for the White House, Paul is again poised to come up short. Even so, the retiring 12-term Congressman has reshaped the national political debate and left behind his imprint on his party - not to mention an heir, Senator Rand Paul, to inherit his army."

    Vibrant indeed. Ron Paul is one of my personal heroes, possibly the only living person who I would make that claim about. A true giant among men.
  3. I voted for him. Erik is the guy who runs Reddit.
  4. So that Erik Martin guy Is the general manager of Reddit...:rolleyes:

    That makes him more influential than RP? Stupidity, his website is influential, that doesn't mean that he is...:mad:

    The good Dr is packing crowds in during his campaign speeches, tonight he just brought in a crowd of over 5200 people! He bringing discussions of bringing the troops home and cutting these bullshit wars to the forefront of political discussions, if that isn't HUGE influence, then IDK what is...

    For Liberty!

  5. I didn't vote for him, but to be fair he helped organize alot of the SOPA and PIPA protests/blackouts. Plus, he probably has everyone on Reddit voting for him, so that helps his chances alot.
  6. I mean this in no negative way towards the good Dr. here, but please realize that Justin Bieber getting up at 3AM to take a shit would bring in a crowd of 5200...just to try and take photos of the toilet.

    If that gives you any idea of the definition of "influence" these days...:rolleyes:

  7. Well fortunately Justin Bieber isn't on the list...;)
  8. What's funny about that is not only are you right, but Santurim, gingrich, and romney can't bring in a crowd of 5,200 combined.
  9. I remember Bachmann had an appearance at some local diner or something and 1 person showed up, lol. One person and a news crew.
  10. Well it's invalid really...obviously set up to hinder 'other' fringe candidates...

    No mention of big C anywhere or even Dagon being interviewed..ya, just the man keeping the squidheads down again...when will the squidhead oppression end?:confused:

  11. A bump, let's try some more votes here guys!:wave:
  12. Vooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss
  13. How can he compete against the Reddit Founder?

    He needs 7k more votes, to surpass him.
  14. Man, now RP is at 5th place. I have no clue who the ppl on the list in front of him are. I feel stupid to not know who all these ppl are who are more influential then a 12 time congressman who is starting a new American Revolution and reviving the age old concept of FREEDOM!
  15. Paul finishes top 10 in these things every year, but is never included on the final list.

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