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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Buzzwell420, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Well, I have a form of arthritis(sp) All my ligiments in my body are too tight or somthing, and I pop and crack when i move. I get servere pain in,mostly my legs(knees espesialy) after the smallest amount of activity. Ive taken physical therapy for a while, went to acupuncter therapy for a while, and taken loads and loads of IBU. Still no relief, I have to like rest for days and not do anything physical, but sports is a passion of mine and I find this hindering that to the point where I cant do what I love. A friend turned me on to weed, I found it to work for me, I was stupid and did not try and get it legally, so I ened up getin arrested.
    Will haveing that on my record hinder me From Geting A medical card????
    I mean this might be stupid,but is weed the best way to go, what are my Options, I dont wanna hurt anymore!
    Infromation, suggestions, answers,anything I will be thankfull for.
    Thanks for reading
    any questions please ask.
  2. hmmm i have no idea, but it sounds like you just recently were arrested and u have been attempting to cure your arthritis for years. If you have medical records and documentations of your physical therapy sessions and doctor recommendations i think you will still be able to obtain a card. Best of luck!

    - Puffer
  3. thats basically what i was gonna say... and i too wish you the best of luck

    i have been almost guarenteed (like a 99% chance) that i will get arthritis because im double jointed in my fingers/hands and im not looking forward to it :(
  4. yea but think of all the medicinal pot you can get :hello:
  5. damn dude that seriously blows, i sincerely hope you can get a medical MJ card.

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