Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. JIMI, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. ok...sorry if i sound stupid to any of you...but i have some questions...first of all, what is a bubbler? is it just like a glass bowl? or does it involve water, cuz it is called a bubbler...ok...and how do you wash a glass bowl...can you just boil it in water and then srub it? because i do that with metal bowls...and one more going to jamaica in a few months, and i want to purchase some kaya, and i know it is illegal there, but is most of their stuff just like it cheaper? or better? it safe to bring it on a in your pocket? alright, thanx ...

  2. I .... don't ....know ....... :(
  3. dont keep it in ur pocket becuz if u get searched like alot of people do now ur fucked...i taped about an 1/8 to the inside of my boxers and that worked...sprayed it with cologne too becuz u never know when those little dogs will be around...they'll run right up to u and take a big strong bite at where the sack is and ur nuts'll be fucked man.....ummmmm....oh yeah a bubbler is like a glass pipe with a chamber right under the kinda filters the smoke but not close to like what a bong would do...i got a nice glass bubbler for $45 but i dont really like it..go with the bong

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