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    Hi all, got a few questions here.

    When growing indoors, is there any value to putting the plants outside on a sunny day? If no value is there harm?
    One of the reasons I ask is because I have a grow going and it's not totally stealthy yet. We are planning a big party this summer and if I'm not totally stealth by then I'll have to shut it down for a couple days. I was thinking I could just move the mother outside for a couple days. Then after the party just start over with a flowering. If there is value to sunlight sometimes then I could also move veg'ing plants outside now and then.

    Ok, so if 24/24 will veg a plant and 12/12 will cause flowering, can the 12/12 be stretched a little after a while? For instance, say I have a plant 40days into flower, what happens if I go to 12.5/11.5 then after another week 13/11? I'm sure someone has played with this just didn't know if it got posted here.

    If I need to shift the "on" time for a plant that's flowering is it better when making the switch to shorten the ON period for one cycle to get it in the new cycle or better to shorten the OFF period? Let's say I'm on at 7a and off at 7p and I wanna make it 10-10 instead. So my thought was during the on period to move the ON start to 10a and let it go off at 7 then the next day adjust the off time to 10. So I guess I didn't shorten the ON time I just made the OFF time longer. Would this be better than making the ON be longer for one day and then on the new time?

  2. Yes, the sun is a superior grow light. Adjusting the height is a real bitch, though.

    Bugs. Critters. Neighbors. Cops. If you live in Manhattan, it's definitely a bad idea.

    Bugs. You don't want bugs.

    Some growers do that. I have not tried it.

    Shortchange it on the light period, not the dark period. The 12 hours of darkness is what has it flowering.

    Welcome to Grass City. Good luck with your grow.

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