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  1. Ive heard of people growing cannabis in computer towers, i was wondering what would be required to do this and how to keep the plant at a height that would fit the tower. Thanks in advance.
  2. the only thing thats required is using the search button.

    this has been discussed many times and people have pc grow journals you can check out and get an idea of what you need.
  3. People can and do grow successfully inside of PCs.. It's pretty much a given that you'll
    need to grow a lowryder variety, most like AK47xLowryder #2 as it stays short and bushy
    and autoflowers.

    By combining a lowryder plant with techniques like LST or SCRoG, you can grow inside
    a PC case, no problem.. just don't expect a massive yield or anything.

    LED grows have been successful in PC cases, but CFL works too!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  4. I believe that the #1 thing required of a PC case grow is lowered expectations. You will get a small yield, and you might lean towards certain autoflowering strains that have less potent genetics.

  5. Agreed. I have some really big Sun E450 server cases.. I should try to turn one into a
    grow box just for the shit of it, see what kinda yield I could manage. They are so great
    for stealth grows.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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