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  1. I have a 4x4x78 and 2 600 watt led's and I was wondering how many auto flowers I can fit reasonably?
  2. subjective . ask your question again . what will i yield from the most 1 big plant or many small plants ?
    first off ill ask you a few questions . can you have 8 plants ? 3 gallon pots 8 inch veg each plant topped pull 2.5 ish from each plant . perfect for a 4/4 finish height 1.5 foot tall number of plants means nothing its the plant canopy you can make 1 plant as big as 8 plants. preference . i would prefer smaller plants in your situation i know i could move them to do my mid flower trimming . only 8 inch veg just 3 or 4 weeks veg all ready for flower instead of that 3 to 6 month veg . again how many plants can you have ? always stay legal .
  3. Know I know the laws I just never fucked with autos so was wondering and you veg till 8 in tall then flower your registration fems
  4. Reg.*
  5. I can have 6 plants
  6. Autos can vary tremendously in size, strain and grow method dependent.
    The smallest in soil might not get over 2 ft tall, and yield an oz or two.
    The biggest in hydro could easily fill over half your tent, get 7 ft tall, and yield over a pound.
    Breeders give info on size, time, and yield, which can be used to help pick strains.

    As time progresses, and hundreds and/or thousands of breeders do their experiments, autos are becoming almost indistinguishable from photos.

    How many plant probably won't affect yield too much.

    4 is probably optimal (depending on grow style), but 6 should fit, and could give more variety.
  7. Think I'll try autos hopefully wOrth the money you have a good site to get seeds reliable and fast
  8. better with photos . you can control the height . with auto you have zero control. there going to grow until they decide to flower. 6 plants 3 gallon pots veg height 1 foot each. topped my suggestions . you many not know me in person but i do have the experience with different size plants to get max yield from small area to warehouse many different situations . so this is why i am offering this suggestion . with your 4/4 with the leds
  9. I got 5 gallon cloth pots so that should work and thanks I grew alot out door for decades and now I'm getting into indoor so far a whole new ball game I dont like that you can't clone autos
  10. you can clone anything but it will start to flower after that set amount of time so meaning that clone will not have a chance to even grow before it starts to flower .. but will say somebody auto got to big so they cut the top of it off and threw the top into a clone bucket it may start to flower before the roots even formed depending but it would grow how much ? thats a different story unlikely much of a yield
  11. That's why I wouldn't clone them probably stick with just feminized but thank

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