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  1. So over the past year and half I have been in relationship with a man who is now deciding to move into his mothers house so he can "grow" and think about our relationship, I had my issues I will admit I was controlling for a while and was very selfish, but as he requested I worked my ass off to change the way I treated him and the way I thought about things, I was informed today he would for sure be moving into his mommys by the end of the end of the month ensuring me that if  we worked on things in October we could find a new place together, but all this time I have been fighting for  him and trying my hardest to get him to stay since his reasons make no sense and his own friends have written me and talked to me and told me what an idiot he is being (because his friends like me more). I need some advice, all my friends and family have told me to ditch him and just give up, while in my heart I love him more than anything and would do anything to be with him, but I feel like im being left behind, I miscarried about 3 weeks ago and was devastated and he didn't even show an emotion while I was braking down and losing my shit because I didn't know I was pregnant in the first place and it was crazy. I feel like we can work on things but I cant ensure he wont just leave again, he has agreed to pay half of the rent for our place for the next three months and I feel like that's a good sign because if he wanted nothing to do with me he would not pay money for an apartment he wont be in, im just so lost, all I do now is get high and cry, and I feel like its not fair to myself but my heart of course tells me otherwise, any words of wisdom?

  2. If that's u in avi
    U look young and beautiful.
    Move on...
  3. You're really prideful, that hasn't been fixed yet. The first half of your post was really douche-baggy, so I can see why he has issues with you. On the other hand, you seem to love him. So stop being a bitch and love him

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