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  1. Just ate my first pot brownie hear they were pretty good grade (buddy got them from Colorado) and my dad wants me all of a sudden to watch a movie with him. I'm 18 and he's not strict or anything but I don't want to look like a fool in front of him and was wondering what I should expect? What comes first? All that stuff! Thanks alot guys!
  2. Come up in half an hour to an hour, full effects in 2 hours total duration of 4-8 hours; which is all a rough estimation. Basically, expect a nice buzz for a few hours. Just relax, and enjoy your dads company. The less you try to act "sober" the better off you will be. Just have fun.
  3. First off congrats :wave: secondly, if you smoke and know how to handle that, you'll be absolutely chill. It takes about 40 minutes to an hour for edibles to hit me but it's normally a nice body high with a good grin and some giggles. Pretty much just being stoned haha

    Good luck, and enjoy! :) :smoke:
  4. My suggestion
    *Talk as little as possible.
  5. ***warning*** your eyes will get red as fuck
  6. Thanks alot man It was alot more subtle then I expected but I was reading a bunch of random people saying how they tripped out. I felt really chill though and enjoyed the movie haha
  7. Haha good to hear! Idk why so many people think they "trip out" on edibles, I always have a good high goin. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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