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  1. i've heard some good things about it even though black leaf isn't the best quality of glass you can get. PM BigDaddyVapor about it, he owns one and knows all about them.

    Good luck!
  2. Black Leaf is cheap glass that will break easily with time, yes you can take really good care of it and have no problems but you are basically hedging your bets that nothing will happen. I've seen people fumble a bowl piece off a black leaf which than hit the base and the bottom shattered. Buying a black leaf bong is fine as long as its a small piece around 40 to $50. For $150 you can get a quality piece of glass that rips just as hard if not harder than blackleaf and you don't have to worry about it breaking.

    Obviously not everyone has 4 bills they can drop on an sg king stem or maybe they just don't smoke/care enough to make it worth it for them but for what you are getting 150$ is overpaying.
  3. you can get a really solid, perculated piece for 2 bills easy! this amg double tree perked bong was only $170 ! 36 slits in each tree with a diffused down stem also. rips very nice, and really solid glass. definitely worth the money.

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  4. this was at a very discounted price, keep in mind. was originally priced at 280, picked it up from a local cheveron gas station too! haha.

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