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questions relating to weed vodka

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ImaBabyDinoRAWR, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Ok so this is my new account, and i haven't had a chance to post anything. but recently i have been looking into the whole thc absorption and extraction.

    so the question is what is the best way to do this, and has anyone in this forum had positive results.

    what i will most likely end up doing is buying absolut, or absinthe. and put around 11 grams in a whole bottle. does this sound right?
  2. Well, from everything Ive been reading, theres a few different methods.
    Right now, ive been letting a dub of some dank bud sit in 1 oz of lemon extract (84% alcohol) since the 19th. I have yet to test it, but all i did was chop it up, then put it in the lemon ectract bottle. Idk if its going to work though.
  3. use absinthe, absolut doesn't contain a high enough proof [aside from the 100 proof, but its still not as strong as authentic absinthe] Let the 11 grams sit in a 5th [minus like 6-8 shots] of absinthe for like a month and a half, strain, dose by half to whole shots.
  4. I've got a finely ground ounce plus a bunch of stems sitting in a pint of everclear....I use just enough alcohol to cover the weed.:)
  5. so pretty much what i am hearing is that it should work. how much is enough to severly mess a person up? and anyone done it and have results they want to share.
  6. The last batch I made, the guy put two droppers full in a beer-then came over 45 min latter to tell me he loved me. Or, well, "luuurvvved mah";) Something like that, he seemed happy anyway.
  7. Shit Im thinking about doing this now. How does an 8th of some dank in a quarter of a fifth of 151 sound? Would that be a good ratio for a first attempt?
  8. Just make sure the weed is covered by the alcohol. Its hard to give exact proportions because some weed is fluffier and takes up more space in the jar. Make sure to grind it finely. Put it in your jar and add your rum to cover, keep in a cool dark place and shake twice a day.

    Remember, if you get this stuff on anything, its going to be green pretty much forever.:)
  9. Ohhh snap lol good to know that then. One more question. So it needs to soak for like a month?
  10. Four to six weeks. It should be a nice dark green. Making this with vapeweed is quite effective as well.
  11. Cool, thanks for the fast replies and being helpful :D +rep.
  12. I made three strong batches.

    1: I put about 10 grams of ground fresh herb into half a fifth of everclear covered in electrical tape [to keep out light] for about 2 months, 1/2 shot was a pretty good dose. 1 shot was strong

    2: I put about 8 grams of ABV herb into about 4-5 shots worth of everclear for about a month, gave shots to my friends and one of them could barely walk lol. He literally almost passed out in the middle of the street.

    3: I recently mixed a bottle of peppermint extract with about a shot of everclear and 4 grams of ABV and let it sit for 3 weeks. Was a decent high, probably would have been better with more liquor.

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